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Address 5837 Boulder Highway Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89122
Telephone 1-800-370-1262
Distance from Airport 10.0 kilometres / 6.0 miles
Distance from City 14.0 kilometres / 9.0 miles
Taxi Fare Airport USD30 / City USD45 (approx.) - your specialist for Las Vegas RV campervan hire USA and Las Vegas motorhome rental America quotes and bookings.

Travelling across the USA in an RV is an exciting way to explore this diverse country. With a campervan or motorhome, you can travel at your own pace and stop when and where you like throughout America.

Hire an RV from Las Vegas and explore the US west coast, taking in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. Or you could go south, into the velvet heat of the Carolinas or Mississippi, toward the wondrous wetlands of the Florida Everglades or the dusty dream-catcher towns of New Mexixo. Then there is the sights and sounds of the east coast to discover as well in your RV.

The advantages of renting a Las Vegas campervan in the United States include:

  • Freedom to travel at your own pace
  • Cost effective option for accommodation and transport, especially for large families or groups
  • Ability to plan your own itinerary and see the sights you may not see on organised tours
  • A fun way to spend time with your family and friends

We work with the newest USA Las Vegas rv rentals, campervan hire and motorhome rental suppliers in America including Apollo. Our Quote Calculator will outline the best deals from each USA camper van rental Las Vegas supplier based on your travel requirements.

Campervans rental in the USA is currently available from branches on the West Coast, including Las Vegas. One-way rentals are also possible from Las Vegas, subject to minimum rental periods and fees.

Our Frequently Asked Questions section will help with questions that you may have regarding a Las Vegas campervan holiday in America, including where to camp at night and what licence requirements are need to hire an RV.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions regarding this site or your upcoming Las Vegas camper rental. A Las Vegas campervan or motorhome holiday in the United States is a fantastic way to explore the country and we look forward to helping with your Las Vegas vacation plans. Team

Las Vegas Branch Guest Feedback

Each of these Guest Feedback submissions have been personally verified.

  • 5 / 5 rating  5 / 5 rating

    Las Vegas Branch very friendly, especially Vera Martines.

  • 4 / 5 rating  4 / 5 rating

    The blanket was to cold for some locations. I had to buy an aditional at Walmart. :-(

  • 4 / 5 rating  4 / 5 rating

    Almost everthing perfect except dome hidden costs

  • 4 / 5 rating  4 / 5 rating

    This is a very sexy ride and drives basically like a Van ... oh yes, those days where a sleeper in the back was a desirable. This particular RV takes it to another level. I wish I had done something really fun with it, but alas, I needed it to help retrieve my Mom (who has very restricted mobility).

  • 4 / 5 rating  4 / 5 rating

    Ok, a few comments. One, people should have actually pickup times and they should be adhered to. We were luck and showed up early to avoid the mob. Jasmine (I think) did a great job showing us our vehicle, but you could tell she was rushed. The breaker switch on the generator is a HUGE piece of info we didn't get until already on the road. That should be a main part of the presentation.

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